Capt. Arthur David LINKLATER

Captain Arthur David LINKLATER 1879 - 1955

Journal Entries for 27th July to 2nd August 1896

Image and transcription of a page showing ‘Journal Blanks’ illustrative of text I am unable to decipher.
The transcription starts half way down the left-hand page.

Journal blanks

  Monday, 27th Went ashore for the beef. Large surf on. Another ship's boat was almost swamped. I was draged clean out of our gig and suspended on a roap above the “angry deep”. Pleasant position. Made a pillow out of Kiar.  
  Tuesday, 28th “Pericles” hove out tonight. Cheered, set off rockets, Roman Candles, blue lights ect. The other ships doing likewise. Spinning foxes. 6 men of the [- ? -] were taken to Calabush.  
  Wednesday, 29th I have been making all kinds of line, cord, string, ect. Had the pleasant job of reeving off mizzen, and galf signal halyards. I'm the only one who has been up yet.  
  Thursday, 30th Saving the stays. Puling up [- ? -] of topgallant yard. Sold a pouch full of tobacco for 40 cents.  
  Friday, 31st Sitting up aloft with second mate. Doing very little.  
    AUGUST 1896  
  Saturday, 1st I had a job in the store room, and I eat as much as I could. Mate and 2nd mate blind drunk.  
  Sunday, 2nd This morning Johnie, Scottie and I went ashore about 9. Went to Mr. O'Neill's house and got a pass for the railway, and went up in one of the cars. It was splendid going up an incline of over 50° in 3 minutes. It being only 15 yards short of a mile. A magnificent view from top. The ships look like toys. We watched a fine cricket match, and the English and Sootish engineers gave us a fine dinner in the Hotel. Salmon, and Beer, Eggs and beefsteak, tea, bread and butter, peaches ect. We were shown all round the place, and in the engine house. Also went and saw the cross on the hill. At half past five all ths captains and mates including ourselves came down in a car full of nitre. It comes down in terrible jerks. It was a most enjoyable day. Could not have been better. I would not have missed it for anything.  
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