Capt. Arthur David LINKLATER

Captain Arthur David LINKLATER 1879 - 1955

His Life Afloat and Ashore: Adventures (ii)

Come, my friends, tis not too late to seek a newer world

Adventures of W.P.1 and Link 1923
16 March Left Bombay in Domala. Weight 12-6½  
9 April Arrived London  
29 April Met D. on arrival Victoria 2
10 May Lunch with D. Ritz 2
13 May Newmarket *
14 May Edinburgh (Gullane.) 3
29 May Received letter from Ds. solicitors 4
4 June Intended dept. for London cancelled  
18 June Returned London (Warwick Rd.) *
14 July Dorking *
30 July Nelson's operation 5
10 August Met D. Ritz 2
13 August Met Jehanjir Victoria 6
16 August Weight 12-8  
22 August First visit to Barmouth 7
25 August Returned London  
8 September Wired Bombay for remittance *
14 September Arrived Barmouth (Garnett's) 8
24 September Telegram from Bob. re. Forth appoint. 9
September Gave Druitt £500 *
21 October Left Barmouth for Scotland 9
13 October Returned Barmouth 10
23 October Left Garnetts for Bryn Glas 11
31 December Gave Mrs Jeff's £5.00 re Bath house 12

* Indicates no other information.

  1. W.P. is Dum's wife Elsie, to whom he often refers thus in writing. I don't know what it stands for, unless possibly ”Wee Peach’ which I dimly recollect family folklore maintained was his preferred term of endearment. I have found no other clue in his papers. She is never “W.P.” when writing to someone other than himself. In his letters to Dick for example, she is “funny mum” or variants thereon.
  2. Dhunjibhoy
  3. Where the Roxburghs had a property
  4. Presumably the termination of his contract
  5. Dum's son! so probably tonsillectomy rather than having an eye out or an arm off. He was 5 on the 15th August, so kepy no diary at this stage.
  6. Jehanjir was Dhunjibhoy's solicitor and witness to the 1919 Contract
  7. Barmouth is a seaside resort 25 miles north of Aberystwyth. Why they went there rather than anywhere else I don't know - so it should really be a *
  8. Presumably the name of the landlord or property.
  9. Bob was Robin Roxburgh. The Forth appointment is dealt with on the next page
  10. They finally left Barmouth 2nd January 1924, but spent another fortnight there in August 1936
  11. The house name
  12. An entry for 15th Feb 1924 reads Gave up option on Bath ho.
    There is another entry for 28th February 1924: Mrs Jefferson left for good 7.p.m.

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