Capt. Arthur David LINKLATER

Captain Arthur David LINKLATER 1879 - 1955

Complaint against Dhunjibhoy Bomanji (iv)

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I did not carry on at sea in the ordinary way of 95 out of a hundred men at sea and rest satisfied with my Masters certificate, but when I came home on leave from the Indian coast in 1907 I spent four months in lodgings away from my home at Dundee studying for the Board of Trade Honours examination, and passed for Extra Master.

Shortly after this I returned to service on the Indian coast, and left no stone unturned in my endeavour for advancement, and a little time after this I was selected out of a large number of candidates and joined the service of the Calcutta Port Commissioners, with the view in the course of time of working into the post of Deputy Conservator of the Port. Captain Fitch who joined this service a year earlier than myself and I are the only two men who have passed the Hooghly Pilotage examination and obtained Hooghly Pilotage certificates in one year on that river.

Further advancement appeared to offer a few years later by joining Dhunjibhoy, which I accordingly did in 1917. He frequently assured me shortly after my joining him that I would be independent for life if I remained with him for ten years, and that he regarded me as his son and for about four years when the work in the dry docks was continuous and I brought in a large amount of business by my interviewing the Captains of the incoming vessels others in opposition firms were paid commission on this whereas I was assured by Dhunjibhoy he was not forgetting what I was doing and it was “all a feather in my cap.”

On account of my good service and as special cases in both instances the B.I.S.N.Coy gave me twelve months special leave on my joining the Commissioners to safe- guard myself and in case I wished to return and the Port Commissioners did likewise by giving me six months special leave on my joining Dhunjibhoy.

I am the Chairman of the firm of Thomson Taylors Bombay and my Directors fees amount to Rs 60 per month (£4) when I am in Bombay and this has been forfeited by my being away at present. I gave up the prospect of a pension of £250 a year by joining the Commissioners and gave up the prospect of their pension of £400 a year when I joined Dhunjibhoy. This capitalized at 5 per cent is equivalent to £8000.

I have never been a day off duty at any time through sickness from the time I went to sea, so my Employers have had full value from me in this respect and they have been saved the cost of substitutes and Doctors bills. I have treated Dhunjibhoy throughout with loyalty and honesty and in a gentlemanly manner, and by so doing I have landed myself with a broken career at the age of 44.

My obligations are heavy; I have to provide for the three children in India and I make an allowance each month to my wife's mother, and an allowance each month to my sister and my old nurse in Canada besides having to provide for my wife and child here.

Considering that Dhunjibhoy is a millionaire, and having become imbued with the desire for a Peerage it might be expected that he would afford some compensation to one whom he has treated so badly, and I would consider he had treated me fairly if he gave me the Rs 25,000 which I would have been entitled to had he died while I was in his service, or if he considered the pension I would have been entitled to had I remained in the Commissioners after 25 years service; he might consider my six and a half years service with him as a fourth of this and give me a lump sun of £2,000 which would be the equivalent at 5 per cent to £100 a year.

The question arises having been engaged, in India can I rightfully be discharged in England?
There would appear to be either a claim for passage money to England or if I cannot get employment here and have to return to India a claim for the passage money both ways.
Again if I find employment here can I claim the passage money for bringing the three children home and also the freight charges for bringing the balance of my things home.
Also can I claim the house allowance of Rs 300 (£20) a month for the six months leave period, and can a claim be made for the portion of the bonus for the year 1923 from February to 15th September the period when the six months leave expires in the ordinary way.
Also can one rightfully be given a months notice when they are partly through their leave.
Can I claim damages for gross misrepresentation, and for the loss of my home and the selling of my things at any sort of price expecting they were going to be substituted by the loan of his furniture.

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