Capt. Arthur David LINKLATER

Captain Arthur David LINKLATER 1879 - 1955

World War II (v)

Old age hath yet his honour and his toil

A final romp through the roaring forties will get us to the end of Dum's ‘8vo Annual’, and bring us to the ‘butt-end of his days.’

1 January Transferred to Southampton 2
6 May Furniture removed from “26”
9 May Handed over “26”
1 June Moved to 5 Donnington Grove [in Southampton] 3
30 January Front room let at £1. 4
10 March Whiteleys bought furniture of “26” for £60 5
10 March Bennison paid Hunter £40 towards discharge of mortgage *
10 March Hunter's mortgage now stands at £15 + 5% interest *
19 June Coombs called at office & inquired if I would go to Liverpool
25 August To Liverpool 6
2 February Mrs Smith's charges including sitting room. Single full board 25/- Single without lunch £1.0.0
19 May Learned through Robert I am required to remain in Liverpool for “duration.”
6 June W.P. to Liverpool and shifted to Wallasey village 7
Xmas This year at 3 Gainsborough Road Wallasey in two furnished rooms. W.P. here also. Furniture in storage at London. Still got 36 Chepstow villas, empty and on our hands.
25 January By mutual agreement 26 Chepstow Villas handed back to ground landlord I agreeing to pay them £10 in lieu of “dilapidations” etc My liability on the house ran to June 24th so saved a few months ground rent by this arrangement. Thank Heavens we are cleared of this property.
17 April Removed to 20 Burton Avenue, Wallasey
17 November Moved to 19 Webster Avenue, Wallasey. Furniture delivered from London. Two rail containers
Xmas ...To be clear of these miserable lodgings is great.
  1. In the Parish of St. Mary Abbotts, Kensington where they lived and spent Xmas 1938/9. He took a 5% mortgage of £150 to buy the remaining 4 years of a lease for £300
  2. Where he had some sort of work
  3. Which they rented for £78 p.a. plus rates of £24.1.0 and where they spent Xmas 1940
  4. 2 Samuel i.19
  5. The furniture had been in storage
  6. In lodgings and again where he had some sort of work - 19 May
  7. “W.P. to Liverpool” because since leaving Southampton Elsie had work away from ‘home’
  8. “Paid £250 cash and a mortgage arranged for the balance.” Total price not known.
  9. After fees etc he seems to have netted £25

Finally, before leaving the ‘Annual’ there are also a couple of mysteries on which I can shed no light whatsoever.

26 April 1939 Opened Square-rigged Club at “26”. 22 people turned up for opening
13 August 1941 Meg and Betty to Jones the Butcher. Very sorry to lose such good old friends.

So far as I know Dum kept no further records in the way of diaries etc. after 1946, but the odd nugget or two is to be found in some of his letters.

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