Capt. Arthur David LINKLATER

Captain Arthur David LINKLATER 1879 - 1955

The Willows: back in England working for Dhunjibhoy Bomanji (iii)

Push off, and sitting well in order smite the sounding furrows.

Not much seems to have happened in 1933-34; W.P. to hospital... operation postponed...damp and foggy...temp 38...returned at 3 a.m. ...visibility about nil...removal of tonsils...Nelson in bed dull... cloudy and rain...temp 52... Full steam ahead should see us clear of Dhunjibhoy Reef and the Willows Bank.

16 February Nelson left school
18 February Nelson joined Waithman Donegan & Co. at 25/- per week age 16½ Left for City 7-50 a.m. returned 8-50 p.m. 1
Christmas At the Cottage. W.P. Nelson and self. After severe frost thaw set in and burst several estate pipes and I had to mess about half the day on this. After this the three of us had a pleasant quiet day with plenty of good cheer.
5 April Nelson to bed with strepococcle throat. Temp up to 106.2 and very ill 2
20 April All clear again
29 April Passed test R.A.D.A
8 May Nelson started at R.A.D.A
2 November Nelson to digs in town
Old year's night At Cottage. W.P., Nelson self and Mrs Bass, Geoffrey, Mrs Davenport, Mrs Le Masle, Yvonne. Rain Temp 50. 3
1 April Dhunjibhoy died Bombay
July Nelson finished course as R.A.D.A. in 4 terms
16 August Received cheque for £2000 from Bombay
27 September Nelson started rehearsing with Harold V. Neilson's Coy.
1 October Inspected the New Inn Maidenhead and made application for tenancy of it
7 October Dispatched Notice of Resignation to Bombay by air, giving date of leaving Dec. 7th. Before this notice was posted received cable from Bombay advising Lady Bomanji's intention to return to Windsor.
10 October Sunday morning Nelson off on his first professional engagement with H.V.N.Coy. to Westgate
28 October Signed tenancy agreement for New Inn
6 November Lady Bomanji returned to Willows
16 December Pickfords started removal
17 December At dark last of things away. Slept at Crown Hotel
18 December By 1 p.m. had finally handed over to Lady Bomanji

  1. Straight in at the deep end! I'm not sure what the company was, but they were possibly stock brokers.
  2. Glandular fever?
  3. Geoffrey Bass was a school friend of Dick's who did become a stock broker. Yvonne, Mrs Le Mesle's daughter, became Bruce's first wife.

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