Adapted from 'The Seaman's Friend...' by R. H. DANA Jr

Dana was also the author of ‘Two Years Before the Mast’

[Dum's copy: Thomas Groom & Co., Boston 1851. 6th Edition, Revised and Corrected]

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MADE A made mast or block is one composed of different pieces. A ship's lower mast is a made spar, her topmast is a whole spar.
MALL or MAUL (Pronounced mawl.) A heavy iron hammer used in driving bolts. (See TOP-MAUL.)
MALLET A small maul, made of wood; as, caulking-mallet; also, serving-mallet, used in putting service on a rope.
MANGER A coaming just within the hawse hole. Not much in use.
MAN-ROPES Ropes used in going up and down a vessel's side.
MARL To wind or twist a small line or rope round another.
MARLINE Small two-stranded stuff, used for marling. A finer kind of spunyarn. (Pronounced mar-lin.)
MARLING-HITCH A kind of hitch used in marling.
MARLINGSPIKE An iron pin, sharpened at one end, and having a hole in the other for a lanyard. Used both as a fid and a heaver.
MARRY To join ropes together by a worming over both.
MARTINGALE A short perpendicular spar, under the bowsprit-end, used for guying down the head-stays. (See DOLPHIN-STRIKER.)
MAST A spar set upright from the deck, to support rigging, yards and sails. Masts are whole or made.
MAT Made of strands of old rope, and used to prevent chafing.
MATE An officer under the master.
MEND To mend service, is to add more to it.
MESHES The places between the lines of a netting.
MESS Any number of men who eat or lodge together.
MESSENGER A rope used for heaving in a cable by the capstan.
MIDSHIPS The timbers at the broadest part of the vessel. (See AMID-SHIPS.)
MISS-STAYS To fail of going about from one tack to another.
MIZZEN-MAST The aftermost mast of a ship. The spanker is sometimes called the mizzen.
MONKEY BLOCK A small single block strapped with a swivel.
MOON-SAIL A small sail sometimes carried in light winds, above a skysail.
MOOR To secure by two anchors.
MORTICE A morticed block is one made out of a whole block of wood with a hole cut in it for the sheave; in distinction from a made block.
MOULDS The patterns by which the frames of a vessel are worked out.
MOUSE To put turns of rope yarn or spunyarn round the end of a hook and its standing part, when it is hooked to anything, so as to prevent its slipping out.
MOUSING A knot or puddening, made of yarns, and placed on the outside of a rope.
MUFFLE Oars are muffled by puting mats or canvass round their looms in the row-locks.
MUNIONS The pieces that separate the lights in the galleries.
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