Adapted from 'The Seaman's Friend...' by R. H. DANA Jr

Dana was also the author of ‘Two Years Before the Mast’

[Dum's copy: Thomas Groom & Co., Boston 1851. 6th Edition, Revised and Corrected]

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NAVAL HOODS or HAWSE BOLSTERS Plank above and below the hawse-holes.
NEAP TIDES Low tides, coming at the middle of the moon's second and fourth quarters. (See SPRING TIDES.)
NEAPED or BENEAPED The situation of a vessel when she is aground at the height of the spring tides.
NEAR Close to wind. "Near!" the order to the helmsman when he is too near the wind.
NETTING Network of rope or small lines. Used for stowing away sails or hammocks.
NINEPIN BLOCK A block in the form of a ninepin, used for a fair-leader in the rail.
NIP A short turn in a rope.
NIPPERS A number of yarns marled together, used to secure a cable to the messenger.
NOCK The forward upper end of a sail that sets with a boom.
NUN-BUOY A buoy tapering at each end.
NUT Projections on each side of the shank of an anchor, to secure the stock to its place.
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