Adapted from 'The Seaman's Friend...' by R. H. DANA Jr

Dana was also the author of ‘Two Years Before the Mast’

[Dum's copy: Thomas Groom & Co., Boston 1851. 6th Edition, Revised and Corrected]

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OAKUM Stuff made by picking rope-yarns to pieces. Used for caulking, and other purposes.
OAR A long wooden instrument with a flat blade at one end, used for propelling boats.
OFF-AND-ON To stand on different tacks towards and from the land.
OFFING Distance from the shore.
ORLOP The lower deck of a ship of the line; or that on which the cables are stowed.
OUT-HAUL A rope used for hauling out the clew of a boom sail.
OUT-RIGGER A spar rigged out to windward from the tops or cross-trees, to spread the breast-backstays.
OVERHAUL To overhaul a tackle, is to let go the fall and pull on the leading parts so as to separate the blocks.

To overhaul a rope, is generally to pull a part through a block so as to make slack.

To overhaul rigging, is to examine it.

OVER-RAKE Said of heavy seas which come over a vessel's head when she is at anchor, head to the sea.
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