Adapted from 'The Seaman's Friend...' by R. H. DANA Jr

Dana was also the author of ‘Two Years Before the Mast’

[Dum's copy: Thomas Groom & Co., Boston 1851. 6th Edition, Revised and Corrected]

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QUARTER The part of a vessel's side between the after part of the main chains and the stern. The quarter of a yard is between the slings and the yard-arm.

The wind is said to be quartering, when it blows in a line between that of the keel and the beam and abaft the latter.

QUARTER-BLOCK A block fitted under the quarters of a yard on each side the slings, for the clewlines and sheets to reeve through.
QUARTER-DECK That part of the upper deck abaft the main-mast.
QUARTER-MASTER A petty officer in a man-of-war, who attends the helm and binnacle at sea, and watches for signals, &c., when in port.
QUICK-WORK That part of a vessel's side which is above the chain-wales and decks. So called in ship-building.
QUILTING A coating about a vessel, outside, formed of ropes woven together.
QUIVIS Anyone or anything, whoever or whatever.
QUOIN A wooden wedge for the breech of a gun to rest upon.
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