Auction Particulars and Contract of Sale for the ISLAND OF HERM on Tuesday 29th July 1884


James Stevens LINKLATER

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In a well selected position, near the centre of the Island, and with a western aspect, Overlooking the Bay of St. Peter's Port, St. Sampson's, the Island of Jethou, &c, is a


Containing about the following accommodation:- 2 Attics, 10 Bed Chambers, very lofty Ball Room, about 32ft. by about 31ft. 3in., opening to a large Green House; another Reception Room, about 31ft. 4in, by 21ft. 3in.; Drawing Room, about i9ft. 5in. by 16ft.; Dining Room; square Entrance Hall or Garden Room, with fire-place; Housekeeper's Room; Kitchen; Scullery; Larder; Store-Room; Game Larder; 2 Staircases; Water Closet, &c. On one of the walls of the House there, is a sun dial bearing date, 1737. Lawn and Garden, double Fruit and Kitchen Garden, skirted by walls built of Granite; third Kitchen Garden; Vinery, about 140 or 150 feet in length, heated by pipes; belt of Weymouth Pines; second Vinery or Fig House, about 36ft by 15ft.; outer Fruit Garden, enclosed in a similar manner to the before-mentioned; Melon House; Tomato House; Gardener's Cottage, containing about 6 Rooms, and 4-light Pit.

Coach House, enclosed by folding doors; long Store over the same; 3-Stall Stable; Root House, with cemented floor; second Root House; large Granary; Store House, with Loft over; Yard; Engine House and Machine Room, with complete set of Machinery (as hereafter referred to), for Chaff Cutting, Pulping, Oat Crushing and Winnowing; Pump, with reservoir; Stack Yard, Substantial Barn, built of Granite; 7 Cottages (now used as 6, one being a double Cottage); Drying Ground; Bailiff's House, containing about 8 Rooms, Farm Yard, 6-Stall Cart Stable, Cow House, Calf Pen, Hay Loft, second Cow House and range of Piggeries; a Model Cow House for 10 or 14 Cows; Straw Barn; Boiling House, with Boiler; open Shed; Dog Kennel; Wheelwright's Shop; Carpenter's Shop; Blacksmith's Shop, with Forge; Manure Pit; lumber Room; Hot House; Dog Kennel, &c.

THE BELVOIR BAY HOUSE, containing the following accommodation, viz:- A Loft, about 5 Bed Rooms, 3 Sitting Rooms, Kitchen, Larder, Pantry, &c., with Water Closet. A large reservoir for rain water. Belvoir Bay is a picturesque nook on the East side of the Inland, with a fine sandy beach for bathing; there is a platform for a Bathing House. The Buildings on the Western side of the Island consist of


(which the proprietors do not, however, at the present time, use for that purpose, although, as there are no licensing laws affecting the Island of Herm, it could be at once re-opened for the like purpose), The Hotel contains about the following accommodation, viz.: 10 Bed Rooms, Coffee Room, about 31ft. 4in. by 26ft. 3in., capable of dining from 40 to 60 persons; Sitting Room, square Hall with fire place, Kitchen and other rooms, one of which rooms is now temporarily used as a Catholic chapel.

Range of buildings, Dairy, Larder, Store Place, Billiard Room, about 25ft. by 16ft. 4in., American bowling and skittle alley, about 75ft. in length and about 22ft. in width, with groined roof, Coal Store, and Fowl House.

A potato field. The Schoolhouse contains about the following accommodation; Schoolroom, Sitting Room, Kitchen, and about 4 rooms above. Keeper's House containing about 4 rooms, a house adjoining; 3 Cottages (one of them a double Cottage). Farm Yard, Meal Room, Room adjoining. Stabling for 2 or 3 horses, Slaughter House, Piggeries, Cattle Shed, the Fishermen's house (a well arranged abode), containing abpout 5 rooms, with good Garden attached thereto.

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