Auction Particulars and Contract of Sale for the ISLAND OF HERM on Tuesday 29th July 1884


James Stevens LINKLATER

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Near the landing steps, has about four Rooms with Kitchen, Boat Store, Water Closet Shed &


There are several Spring's of fine Water on the Island. The Watercress is abundant where there is running water. It is believed that water for stock, &c., can be secured without difficulty in almost any part of the Island by merely sinking iron tube (Abyssinian) pumps.

Pheasants, Partridges, and Rabbits abound; Wild Geese, Snipe, Teal and Woodcock are obtainable, and the Cuckoo and a number of Song Birds frequent the Island, which is also rich in Botanical Specimens of varied kinds.

The Property offers a perfectly unique purchase for a noblemen, statesman, yachtsman, gentleman or professional or business men seeking thorough rest and recreation in a charming climate at the sea-side, with a series of attractions which it would be impossible to match elsewhere within the same compass and within the like distance from London. The Property is likely to prove a good and remunerative investment for capital, besides offering a great scope for residential enjoyment.


The Pier and nearly all the buildings are constructed of Granite quarried on the Island.

The Property is held from the Crown at a rental of £14 per annum (under an order in Council of His Majesty King George II.) The lease is renewable in perpetuity on payment of a fine of £42 every twenty-one years. The lease has been recently renewed, and the next fine will not become due until the year 1905. A copy of the lease can be seen at the offices of the Auctioneers.

The Property is subject to various grain and other rents, due in October in each year. They have during the ownership of the vendors been commuted in cash at the rate of about £210 per annum.

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