Auction Particulars and Contract of Sale for the ISLAND OF HERM on Tuesday 29th July 1884


James Stevens LINKLATER

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The Vendors have recently had some of these Rents offered to them for redemption, at about 21 years' purchase.

Irrespective of the value of the principal House, which a purchaser may be desirous to retain in hand for his own purposes,

The sources of Income which could be made available from the Property are extensive and somewhat varied.

The following suggest themselves amongst others, viz.:


For Potatoes or other early crops. This could no doubt be done to great profit, or high rents could be obtained from letting the land as an entirety or in portions for that purpose. An extract from the Scofsman newspaper (see pages 6 & 7 of these particulars) gives some valuable information.

Sea Weed is extensively used in the Channel Islands as a valuable and inexpensive manure. It is of course readily obtainable around the coasts of Herm.

French labour can be temporarily imported as at Jersey and Guernsey, and at a low rate, at the required seasons, for digging potatoes, &c.

2.  The growth of Grapes, Figs, and early Pears, Tomatoes, Asparagus,

and other produce of a kindred nature. These always fetch a fair price in the Guernsey market, or could be most advantageously exported to the London or other English markets.

The crop in one of the Vineries is estimated this year (1884) from 15 cwt. to one ton. A great addition to the glasshouses would be likely to be a good investment.


Mr. SIMMONDS, the Manager, has a contract with some of the leading hotel proprietors of St. Peter's Port for the regular sale of butter at full and fixed prices.


Young Stock purchased by the Manager in one April, at from £5 to £5 4s. per head, realized in the following September twelve months, above £12 per head. They were kept without housing, artificial or other food, or trouble of any kind, upon outlying lands in the Island. It is estimated that the outlying land (the quality of which is well adapted for fattening beasts) will readily carry thirty head at the least.

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