Auction Particulars and Contract of Sale for the ISLAND OF HERM on Tuesday 29th July 1884


James Stevens LINKLATER

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For several years past the average sale of Rabbits from Herm has been about 2,400 yearly at from 10½d. to 14d. per head (say the average 1s. per head) or about £120 a year, less 5 per cent to the trapper. Some years since, and prior to the present owners becoming possessed of the Property it is understood the sale of Rabbits amounted to about £300 in one year.


Conger, Skate, Soles, Plaice, Mullet and numerous varieties of choice sea Fish are obtainable around the shores; Lobsters and Crabs are abundant. A very large haul of Fish can frequently be secured by stretching a suitable net across Moussoniere Bay, near the North-West corner of the Island.

7.  By Working the Quarries or sub-leasing them at a Fixed Rent with Royalty.

The Granite is of good quality, and the purposes for which it is believed to have been used are particularized on page 8. The output and exportation of Guernsey Granite has greatly increased during the last few years - it is probable to the extent of three-fold in the last 20 or 25 years. It is believed the export from St. Sampson's alone in 1881 was 180,000 tons. and in 1882, 200,000 tons.

It is understood the Granite realizes large prices. The Herm Quarries can be worked at a moderate cost, being close to the Sea, and the Harbour and other dues payable in connection with the shipment of Guernsey Granite at St. Peter's Port would be avoided. Specimens of the Granite can be seen at the offices of the Auctioneers.

In the year 1864, the sum of £1,000 was paid to the then owner of the Property, in consideration of his granting a lease of the Quarries for a term of 21 years, at a minimum fixed rent of £200 sterling, but subject to increase as follows:

“Provided, and if in any year a royalty computed at the rate of fourpence sterling per ton on all such granite as aforesaid actually shipped in that year, other than Spalls, Rubble, or Broken Stone, and of twopence sterling per ton on such Spalls, Rubble, and Broken Stone, would exceed what shall be payable in that year in respect of the said fixed rent, then also yielding and paying in every such year to the grantor, his executors, administrators and assigns, by way of further rent and in addition to the said fixed rent, a sum of sterling money payable, as hereinafter provided, equal to the difference between the amount of a royalty so computed, and what shall be payable in that year in respect of the said fixed rent. The said fixed rent to be paid half-yearly, free from any deduction.”

A copy of the counterpart Lease and License to Quarry can be seen at the offices of the Auctioneers.

By a tariff, sanctioned by the Privy Council vessels trading direct to Herm pay the same Tonnage Dues (6d. per ton) as at other ports in Guernsey, but the amount collected up to £2,000 is to be set aside for the Improvement of Herm Harbour.

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