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- 1838

Life History


Birth of son John FLINT


Birth of son Thomas FLINT


Birth of daughter Amelia FLINT

12th Aug 1825

Birth of daughter Mary Hutchison FLINT in Edinburgh, Scotland


Birth of daughter Alicia FLINT



Other facts


Married Thomas FLINT


Birth of son William FLINT


Birth of daughter Betsy FLINT


Birth of daughter Martha FLINT


  • Amelia (Mary) Hodges (17??-1838)

    Referred to by the Roxburghs as 'Mary', her name on Mary (Hutchison) Flint's birth certificate is given as Amelia Hodges.

    EVELYN:  Our great grandfather THOMAS FLINT was a Captain in the Army and fought in the Peninsular War. For some time he was stationed at Dublin Barracks, where he met great grandmother.

    Thomas Flint was for some time stationed in Dublin where he met and married Miss Hodges of Bray in Ireland - not the town of Bray outside Dublin, but some landed property - where we don't know. That is one of the things any Flint would no doubt have been able to tell me, if I had been interested in such things then. It isn't possible now to trace any Irish families, as the whole of the family records of Ireland were destroyed in the Civil War in the 1920s, and burnt in the Four Courts, the administrative centre of Dublin. Only those families who were so important as to have their own muniment rooms etc or married into distinguished English or Scottish families have any records left.

    The story goes that Miss Hodges was going to Dublin for some occasion at Dublin Castle, the Viceregal Lodge. She was young and probably excited at the prospect. She dreamt that, while with friends after whichever event it was, she was with some officers and others, and one of them asked her if she would like to see some white mice in a cage. She went to look at them and then felt faint, and dreamt that a young officer came to her and gave her a glass of something to bring her round. She saw him distinctly in her dream. A few days later she was in Dublin with her family for the occasion. Later somebody asked her yo look at some white mice, and she felt faint, and an officer she didn't know came forward and gave her something to restore her. She recognized him as the man she had seen in her dream - and if she didn't faint before I should have thought she would be near fainting then! However, the story goes, that they became acquainted - he was a friend of her friends. The young Officer was Thomas Flint. They became engaged and in due course got married. They had 8 children including young Tom.

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