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Life History

about 1850

Birth of son Johnnie CRAWFORD

Other facts


Married John CRAWFORD


  • Betsy FLINT (CA 1810 -????)

    EVELYN:  BETSY, the eldest, ran off with and married a Mr Crawford who was a painter in oils - not very successful. I think he must have done some-thing else or had private means, for I am sure he cannot have sold many pictures. Aunt Betsy was very pretty - we have a photograph - and a very great lady in manner. I don't think she and her husband had much money. She used to say about her husband's pictures - "Pa dear, would never have his work hung in the Academy - on principle!" Why, I can't think, except that he probably never had the chance!

    They had one son, Johnnie, and apparently a regular rogue. I think he had some sort of attraction, but like so many of the male members of the Flint family he doesn't seem ever to have done any work. My mother had various stories about him.

    [For the stories see under 'John', son of Betsy and John CRAWFORD.]

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