Halliday Gallery

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George Eley Halliday
Elizabeth Jane Cain
George Eley Halliday
Elizabeth Jane Halliday née Cain
George and Elizabeth at The Hermitage, Llandaff
Vera with Marjorie Halliday
Vera and doll
Vera? or Marjorie?
Mary Halliday
Vera Halliday
Vera Halliday
Mary on her engagement to Dr Thomas Hayes
Vera Halliday and Stanley Hesketh on their wedding day
Mary with baby Marjorie & Thomas Hayes 1906 South Africa
Eulampe and Marjorie. On the back: “Two old crocks.”
Mary's children Marjorie and Joan Phyllis Hayes 1916
Marjorie with Georges and Eulampe 5 June 1928 France