‘Orkney Timeline’ - 380,000,000 B.C. to the present


A 60 page A6 booklet summarising Orkney's History

‘Orkney Timeline’ is an A6 [100 x 150 mm] booklet summarising major events in Orkney over the last 380 million years. The first 378,200,000 years get short shrift as do the next 1.8 million years of Palaeolithic. Evidence of human activity in Orkney during the Mesolithic, while tantalisingly thin, does exist. Thereafter Orkney's history through the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages, comes into ever clearer focus. While mostly specific to Orkney, some notable world events affecting Orkney are included in this ‘Orkney Timeline’. The most recent event noted is the U.K.'s exit from the E.U. at 23:00 G.M.T. on 31 January 2020. There is also a calendar of annual Orkney customs and a map showing most of the places mentioned in the text.


To order a complete copy of ‘Orkney Timeline’ please use the PayPal button below to pay £5 into my Paypal account for posting within the UK or £6 for overseas delivery. On receipt I will post you the unbound, collated sheets of ‘Orkney Timeline’ plus cover and map. The ‘Orkney Timeline’ cover is printed on slightly thicker paper, the map on thinner paper. The pages and cover can either be stapled or sewn together [see below] to form a handy, pocket-sized booklet ideal for consulting when in licensed premises. Please be sure to email me the name and address to which you want ‘Orkney Timeline’ sent.

‘Orkney Timeline’ is currently fourteen A5 sheets printed on both sides, two pages per side forming an A6 booklet of 56 pps., plus illustrated cover and A4 map which, when folded in four, can be glued inside the back cover as in the image at left.

The booklet can be stapled or sewn together. Being a book-nerd I prefer the latter. In case you don't know how, having assembled and folded the pages in the right order inside the cover, make a small hole with a needle on the inside at the centre of the middle fold then 2 more evenly-spaced holes each side of the centre hole and all roughly 1” apart. Starting from the centre, inside hole, sew with thread as in the diagram above centre. [Click to enlarge.] Tie A and B together on the inside of the centre-fold to finish. The stitches can pass right through the pages and the cover. If you prefer the stitching to be concealed from the outside, leave the cover to one side and instead sew in a folded strip of strong paper about 1¾” wide. Once sewn, glue the strip inside the cover. [See image at right.] Enjoy !

© 2020 Duncan Linklater Sennachie.