SIMMONDS Family History

The HARRISON branch


Joseph Painter Harrison moved to Salisbury in the late 1850's while training as a chemist. He was thirty years old and working as a chemist's assistant in the town. He met and married Emily Creed who was the eldest daughter of George Creed the publican of The George and Dragon Inn in Castle Street which was near to Joseph's lodgings at 29 Brew Street. Joseph and Emily got married in 1861 at St Thomas's Church, Salisbury. Joseph Painter Harrison was one of the first chemists to be registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in 1868 and the first fully qualified chemist in Salisbury. He ran his own chemist business at Fisherton Street and remained there until his death in 1894.

Joseph entered his wedding details into the front of his bible along with the details of births and christenings of their 14 children including three sets of twins. There was great excitement when this Harrison family bible was discovered by workmen, hidden in a lathe and plaster wall, seventy years later in 1961 during renovations of an old property previously owned by a member of the family. It was returned to our grandmother Edith Fanny the last surviving child when she was 93 years old.

Joseph Painter Harrison married Emily Creed in June 1861

Their children

  • Catherine Emily born March 1862
  • Francis Elizabeth born August 1863 (died August 1864)
  • Frederick Joseph born August 1864
  • Annie Eliza born October 1865
  • George Henry born October 1866
  • Frank Inigo born September 1867
  • Twins - Edith Fanny * & Ellen born November 1868
  • Twins - William John & Arthur Richard born May 1870 (both died August 1870)
  • Twins - Alice & Ernest born June 1871
  • Richard Sydney born November 1873
  • Edgar John born February 1875

*Edith Fanny Harrison was mother to Christopher Simmonds and grandmother to David, Sally, Jane and Vanessa Simmonds.

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